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Reproduction with Seduction

The main drive in a physical body is reproduction. Even in the case of infants and the elderly, where either has no reproduction capability, the reproduction urge is present. It is hollow in either case but it is there nevertheless like having a ghost instead of a physical person. The ghost has psychic register which verifies its capability.

From day one, from the moment one is discovered to be an infant body, there is the representation of the reproduction energy. This manifest as the need to eat, to suckle. With it, is packed a small bubble of energy which is the seduction force. At that time, its appeal is rendered by soft skin and soft noises made by the mouth. These soft noises charm the mother. These are an introduction to the seduction force but it is disguised as being pleasant to the touch sensation, which is an ally of the seduction power.

A question arises as to why Nature packed the seduction force with the reproduction aspect. What was the necessity? Did this happen accidently or deliberately?

The sad part is that no one can rout or abolish this force. The entire speech about eliminating the reproduction/seduction power is nonsensical. There is no logic in the discussion.

The ascetic must allow it to happen because he is not in a position to thwart it. The battle is won by Nature. As a humbled warrior, the acetic must put down his armaments and leave the battlefield in shame. Because of the inability to bring the reproduction/seduction forces to order, one by one, each ascetic will do this. A truce is declared by Nature, not by the ascetic. He/She must hang his/her head in shame, having lost the battle.

The reproduction force stands there. It is infallible. For millenniums it fought the battle. It suppressed the ascetics. It repeatedly proved its superiority. And yet some fanciful ascetics were of the view that they could topple it. What a shame!

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    • Does this apply to Buddhist Arahants too, who are supposedly rooted out of Greed (Lust), hate, and delusion from the psyche?

      Or it is dimensional dependent? i.e. These arahants might have relocated to planes where such lust or reproduction energies have no authority.

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      • Aniroodh Sivaraman

        This post relates universally to anyone who uses a physical body, who identifies as or who even denies itself as an existence.

        No particular sect is targeted.

        You would have to check the literature of specific sects to see if it applies.

        This is what would be realized if one uses the inSelf Yoga TM process.

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