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Desires control the Selves

On a close inspection of the interaction of desire formation and the self, one may safely draw the conclusion that the self is controlled by desires. There is a saying that where there is a will, there is a way. It suggest that providence will assist in manifesting a desire, provided the someone involved exerts sufficient self-power (will) into the idea.

This indicates that even if something is impossible by the laws of physics, it may be possible for a person who drums it up and puts sufficient will-maneuverability into it. I tested this theory and found that because there are so many dimensions, something that is impossible in one place, may be possible in some other niche, such that even though it is out of the question in a location, it would happen somewhere else in psychoSpace.

Early on in this life during its juvenile years, a pastor of a Christian church conceived of the idea of my becoming a pastor in my adult years. For no reason, without my permission, this preacher felt this way about me. He transferred the desire into my psyche.

Just yesterday, some sixty years after, his desire was fulfilled in the astral existence. I found myself as my subtle body in an astral place where this preacher, who is now deceased and who even took another body with another profession beside religion, ordained me to be a Christian preacher.

Some years prior, I was pulled by him into a church service where he intended to ordain me. I resisted and escaped from that astral place. This time however, there was no energy for escape. My subtle body went through the motions cooperating with whatever he desired.

He had a wish for my becoming a pastor. That desire is now fulfilled in a psychic world which facilitated his idea. I did not have to spend the major part of a lifetime being a preacher. It lasted for only about ten minutes in earth time. It was fully fulfilling for him such that the desire energy was dissipated completely. In his psyche the need for me to be a pastor is now fulfilled. In my psyche the energy he injected during my juvenile years is neutralized.

In his new physical body, he may have no conscious memory of the occurrence. This is because energy from the psyche of someone may be used to enact the fulfillment of a desire when that person has no idea that the desire was played out. Nature itself can do this with or without the person being in an observer position when the desire is satisfied.

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