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Buddhist Investigation of Papanca

In Buddhism it is sometimes said that: 

Thinking is samsara.

The process of thinking will eventually need to be studied by any meditator interested in escaping the wheel of rebirth. 

Venerable Thanissaro defines papanca early in the talk so I won’t add the muddlement of any paraphrasing by me.

Subtle details of thinking and becoming are delivered in this short talk so I’m sharing it for those on this Forum who may also find this information to be helpful.

Also it sort of touches on the Buddha’s reasoning behind not declaring whether he exists or not after the death of the physical form. It all comes down to the doctrine of not having any permanent identity as in the no permanent self teaching.

Thanissaro Bhikkhu is in the lineage of the Thai Forest tradition of  the Venerable Acariya Mun.


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