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    • Indeed, the why is the actual question, the causation that needs to be addressed.

      Just say no, has been proven to be an object failure on numerous levels since the Reagan Era war on drugs. The underlying reasons that are more subtle, more challenging and daunting also represent the genuine solutions.

      Throughout the world, there are pockets of communities that are affected. It is as though an invisible energy connects and contaminates certain individuals to such habits.

      Just saying no sounds simple and preachy, but ineffective beyond the age of vulnerable children. It actually many times can lead to making the situation more entrenched and complex.

      Because so long as we need/demand is there for these toxins, they are made even more potent and harder to detect by law enforcement agencies, in accordance with the economic bottom dollar of the suppliers.

      Still, policy makers can get more expedient fake results and voters with slogans and lip service. Only in certain more advanced societies are deeper analysis and solutions provided. The hard line rule also creates general havoc in families, while profiting incarceration industries. Who will profit from an understanding and compassionate approach?

      Even though THC, the marijuana plant’s psychoactive agent is pretty much legalized in the United States, except federally. It is unfathomable that hundreds of thousands of individuals still remain in prison for something that is no longer a crime! The reason is profit above all else.

      China historically seems to have effectively dealt with their heroine pandemic of bygone eras, it was a different time and society. However, it has also become very major supplier of fentanyl, one of the deadliest ones in these times.

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