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Breath Nutrition / Pranayama

In a conversation on June 18, 2022, with a swami who established a devotional institution from India in the Western countries, he made an appraisal of pranayama breath infusion. This person is deceased. The discussion was on the astral side during a session of breath infusion practice, using the kapalabhati/pranayama procedure.

He said this.

“There is little understanding in India, even, about the practice and effects of pranayama. People assume that it means to prevent breath. They think that if someone can hold the breath without inhalation for an extended period, that is the accomplishment.

“I, myself, felt that way about it, until I practiced bhastrika. Then I realized that it was breath nutrition and not breath starvation. It is more fresh air into the physical body and positive prana into the subtle form. The result is the elevation of the subtle body to higher planes of consciousness and higher environments.

“It is not a matter of arresting and preventing breath intake but rather increasing breath intake substantially.”

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    • True, such beliefs and dogmas are prevalent in Indian households but mildly surprised a seasoned swami carried on these beliefs all his life without any examination. 

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