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Omen of Death

Death means losing one’s social status. On the basis of the fear of bodily pains just prior to death, many people are afraid of death. Once the death event is concluded, there will be no physical pain to endure. The physical pain which is present immediately prior to death, does not carry over into the death experience, simply because all feelings in a physical body cease at its death.

Hence the fear of death due to fear of physical pain prior to death is questionable, where physical pain is blamed for something, it is not liable for which is death. However, I got a few portents of death within the past four weeks. These were psychic events where I was contacted by three friends who are deceased.

If after fifty-five years of age, one has many dreams with friends or relatives who are deceased, one can take that as indications of one’s death. It is even more eventful if one is beyond seventy years.

I had a contact with a friend who I served with in the US Air Force. This person used the name, Fred Dye. I saw his physical body some years ago in northern Minnesota. This was before 1979. Prior to that we associated in the Philippines. Then we met in Denver Colorado. About a week ago, I got an email from a mutual friend of ours who informed me that Fred was deceased. This friend wanted a copy of an out-of-print book of mine.

Again, I got an astral meeting with another friend who served in the US Air Force at the time as myself and Fred Dye di in the Philippines. This person was Freeman Farr, who was from Decatur Georgia. After leaving the Air Force, I did some travelling by auto with Freeman. As fate would have it, we lost track of each other. However, Freeman wanted to ask me if I could put in a word for him at Yogeshwarananda’s ashram.

I inquired of it and found out that unless he could abandon narcotic and other drug use, it was not permissible for him to be at Yogeshwarananda’s place. In the meantime, he could stay close to the place. He could use an astral tent. After a time if he gave up the habit, he would live on the premises.

Freeman did inquire of something. He asked.

“Why is it that by smoking marijuana, using cocaine, using liquor even, one does not transfer fully to the astral side? Why does the tendency to want a physical body continue. These substances shift the mind and feelings to the psychic side but when their effects disappear, once again one seeks the physical side, abandoning the astral level.”

I replied in this way.

“The shift which is due to substance use, is based on an action of the substance. If it was based on a direct psychological action, then there would be the likelihood of a shift of interest to the astral side. When a substance is the conveyor, the system of consciousness will shift back to the physical interest as soon as the substance loses effectiveness.”

Last week, I got a visit from a friend of my deceased father. He wanted to locate my father, to see where my father was located on the astral or physical sides of existence. I directed this person, or rather his ghost, to go to that place of a relative who was now the parent of my father. He went there and was surprised that my father already developed as a child of someone else.

The friend of my father asked if I could help to procure a body. He said this,

“Do you know of any potential parents for me. Better yet, if I could be born so that I could associate with your father again and we would be professional seamen again.”

I told him this,

“Currently, it is hardly likely that this desire of yours would be fulfilled.”

Then he was downcast. He said this.

“Young women are no longer interested in having infants. I noticed that even in the Caribbean and Guyana. It used to be that pregnancies were developed rapidly but not anymore. Everywhere I do, I am rejected. Potential mothers turn away from me. What is your solution for this.”

I replied.


“Only God can fix that. That is more than a human event. Supernatural power is required for that.”

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