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Tracking Down Yoga Gurus

January 8th 2021  

On this day, I did the breath infusion practice in the early morning at 4am. During this session, kundalini was aroused, and warm bliss energies were felt concentrated in both thighs. This occurred in a variation of the perfected siddha pose. I assumed this by placing the left heel at the perineum, with the right leg bent flatly in front. Later, bliss sensations were also felt in the right leg in the shin and insteps when I sat on the buttocks with legs flatly stretched forward during breath infusion. 

I went back to sleep right after the yoga session and this increased my astral recall. My family and some associates held a celebration for me astrally. I was offered non vegetarian food, but I declined. I took much pride in this and requested strictly vegetarian options. Afterwards, I was then in the association of Ramana Maharshi and another Yogi whose subtle body had Indian features. I ventured away from them and went back to engaging in other activities. I then realized that I left the association of yogis to participate in frivolous activities and immediately regretted it. 

I acknowledged my folly, and went back in search of him. Eventually, I saw Ramana and a devotee of his walking on a pathway. I begged to join them and he signaled using hand motions that I should walk behind him. We walked through a marketplace and entered a building where other people were seen. Ramana stood some distance away looking in our direction. Meanwhile myself and the other yogi were standing next to a vendor with food nearby. The yogi criticized the luxurious variety of food, but upon noticing chocolate, he began indulging. I told him that the chocolate shouldn’t be eaten, but the sticks should be procured to light fire. This was an instruction that we received earlier.  

The desire to meet Ramana Maharshi developed after reading of Madhva’s experiences with him in an old article from the “meditation time” forum. I discussed the experience with Madhva, and he explained that the yogi’s gesture to me was one of disinterest. His signal was to declare that he wasn’t interested in my association. I tracked him down by asking of his whereabouts from others, and nature facilitated my desire.  

During that time, I had these fanatical desires to meet and associate with famous yoga gurus. My underlying motive for doing so was due to my desire for also attaining such fame as a guru. The idea is that if one can form these associations and learn from them. One can then leverage those associations for credibility in the public’s eyes. What a crook! A clever plot! But as it is with these siddhas and advanced yogis. They can spot a criminal from a mile away. 

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    • Rishabha wrote: "What a crook! A clever plot! But as it is with these siddhas and advanced yogis. They can spot a criminal from a mile away."

      Dhyān Yogi response: And the choir sings Amen. 

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