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Plane of Non-Perception

I searched for someone who is deceased. Recently I did not see that person and checked to see where that person was. I have an obligation to assist this person in figuring the perplexities of life.

After checking various astral levels, I was transferred to a plane of non-perception. There is more than one of these realms. I was in the one where it is pitch dark. Notably no light is seen there. One has vision there except that it is spatial vision through awareness only. There is a strong sense that one should access from there to find light. Even though this need is there, there is no light. One notices that it is pitch black darkness like on a dark moon night with no stars are overhead. No light appears anywhere in any direction.

There is nothing with odor, nothing with flavor, nothing with color, nothing with surface and nothing with sound. One sees and feels darkness. A coreSelf is there in the darkness with a suspicion that in every direction there are innumerable cores radiating darkness in darkness.

This is similar to being emerged in the brahman spiritual plane of existence, except that in the brahman energy, one is surrounded by golden light shining, blasting in every direction and one is a speck of that energy radiating that light, with innumerable other cores doing the same.

It would be unusual if the deceased person I searched for, was transferred to that plane of non-perception. This person was not a yogi but that could not stop a transfer. In any case, if someone is in that plane of awareness, it is near impossible to sort the person, much less determine definitely if the person is located there. When one is in that plane of consciousness, communication with someone else does not occur.

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    • Is it higher dimension or lower dimension from this earth dimension as reference?

      Every core emitting darkness but it is a plane of non-perception and formless plane where only core is existing.  

      I think it should be higher but below Brahman effulgence or the other extreme low where it is in deep darkness. 

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      • Aniroodh Sivaraman

        It is higher than physical existence, because its quality does not rely on physical formations.

        It does not have a reference to any other place where it can be measured or gaged. One is not tooled nor outfitted to judge where it is when one is located there.

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          Gordon Paterson

          As usual, Michael, I find your experiences, and the marvelous way you express them, to be very engrossing.

          Could the complete darkness of Consciousness, you experienced, be its negative aspect, what might be called the "Void of Nihilism" as opposed to its positive aspect, cognized as a "Plenum" ----but still a "Void?"

          Here, would we be obliged to keep in mind that the Observing is also an element of the very same Consciousness being observed?

          Unless, of course, that which is observing is Prior to, and the Source of, Consciousness Itself; but, that is probably unlikely because Noumenal Awareness (Source) is totally passive and has no mechanism to do anything----even to witness? But, in its melieu, witnessing of Consciousness, both its negative and positive aspects, happens to It, meaning that the gifted Yogi is still, then, in some State of Consciousness, and can maintain volition of movement?

          As you know, Michael, I have no training in Yoga, but find your abilities, as a Yogi, more than just fascinating.

          Did your own light, as Consciousness, reflect even a glimmer onto the surface of the darkness, or were you observing----only, from another, perhaps superior, dimension?

          Nice to read you again. Namaskar, Nirguna


          Mi~Beloved’s Reply:

          I would say that the complete darkness of Consciousness, I experienced, was its negative aspect, what might be called the "Void of Nihilism"

          I agree that the Observing is also an element of the very same Consciousness being observed without out parting where the consciousness is indivisible and still had self-observations?

          Yes, and the Noumenal Awareness (Source) is totally supportive but passive and has no mechanism to do anything----even to function as a primal urge.

          Strange enough, in this experience, there was no light, not even a glimmer. The observation occurred as mentioned without contrast like a shadow of ghost ship on a dark moon night where the shadow has no register because of lacking contrast.



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          • Amazing, you went to one of the Shunya dimensions. 

            Went to Buddhists or Advaities destinations without mergence and had observations!


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