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Existential Hibernation

On August 6, 2021, I rang a chime to reach some astral ascetics who assumed samadhi spontaneous trance states as they were trained by Lahiri. He was with them but he left me as the resident supervisor. He showed four groups of yogis. The first entered trance states for three days. The second, for three weeks. The third, for three months. The fourth, for three years.

He alerted me. He said this.

“Awaken each according to the time commitment. Some may awaken on time. The others should be called back. Use the chime to reach them.”

I said this, “Better to have them go in with a time swoop which will bring them back as specified.”

He said this, “It is up to you. Just be sure that no one comes out as an embryo. If that happens, you will have to track the new birth. Get that person trained. Recover his/her progress and begin again.”

Lahiri left but there was no feeling that he would leave and never be seen again. Babaji is gone, never to be seen again, but not Lahiri.

Some groups of these yogis sat in tight lotus posture. Some were in a ball, curled with the mouth biting the lower end of the sushumna nadi. These were in existential hibernation in total subjectivity.

In these states there is the risk that someone would find himself/herself as an embryo, curled near the mother’s navel. Then that one awakens as someone’s child crying for nurture and breast milk. Going into such samadhi, is risky.

I sent a message to Lahiri. These yogis will have to be trained to remain objective to some degree. There should be a limiter which brings them out of samadhi to this side. Who wants to be responsible to retrieve anyone who accidentally wakes up as an embryonic body?”

I rang a chime which penetrated the trance states and alerted every one of these ascetics. even the ones who remain in samadhi for three years. These persons are deceased and use subtle bodies as the stable reference.

As I sat facing the east, this place was located to the right to the south east.

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  • Can please explain how someone in samadhi can come back as an embryo in mother's navel.


    Samadhi is a effortless spontaneous linkage to higher consciousness at that stage, how can someone be pulled back into an embryo in mother's navel? 

    1. What happens in that intermediate phase between samadhi to an embryo?
    2. how is one pulled into it?
    3. What forces (internal and external) operate in that phase? (Does magic wand of samsara or prakriti touch a Yogi)
    4. "Instead of subjectivity one has to maintain objectivity", objective to what? higher consciousness?



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    • A person going into samadhi does not necessarily remain on the higher plane which he/she reached during the trance state. More than likely, that person will come to a lower level and find himself/herself on a lower plane when the samadhi fizzes out. We experience this already where after meditation, the mind resumes an ordinary level of consciousness and tries to resume whatever behavior or tasks it had before entering the meditation.

      A deceased yogi who goes into samadhi may find himself to be a developing embryo after going into a long samadhi where he did not wake up in the subtle world after the high end of the samadhi ended. Sometimes a man who is physically conscious dozes off. When he awakens, he may find that his body was moved from where he left it and he is in another place. Similarly, going into samadhi while in the deceased state could naturally result in waking up as an embryo. It is the natural way because the kundalini will point the psyche in the direction of rebirth because that is its natural tendency.

      Samadhi is an effortless spontaneous linkage to higher consciousness but all the same, if and when it comes to an end, the person’s psyche would resume its natural attraction and if that attraction is to rebirth or to a potential mother, that is what will happen.

      In regards to objectivity, it is objectivity to the self. If a yogi is in a samadhi trance state where he loses objectivity, even then his perpetual condition as a subjective being will be there but that prevents his exercise of any objective control.

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      • Extraordinary explanation! It shows the importance of kundalini purification.

        Then the natural question is:

        Without kundalini purification, entering Samadhi or higher trance could lead to rebirth in a subtle state.

        1. Then why does one take such a big risk of entering into samadhi in a subtle world?
        2. what is the importance of it?
        3. Samadhi stops the mind's vrittis (fluctuations), does it also helps in purifying kundalini?




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        • Without kundalini purification, entering Samadhi or higher trance could lead to reappearance or manifestation in a subtle state or it could cause physical rebirth as a baby.

          One may take such a big risk of entering into samadhi in a subtle world, because one has no choice in the matter if one practices yoga and one loses a physical body and is left only with a subtle one?

          Samadhi does not necessarily stop the mind’s vrittis but it may do so on occasion. During samadhi the kundalini will do its utmost to resume the vrittis. It may do this with or without the permission of the observing self.

          The key issue is the objectivity of the observing self. If it loses objectivity, there is no telling what will happen as to where it will become aware of itself again. It could be here or there or up or down or in or out which include waking up as a trapped form in an animal’s abdomen.

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