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Naad Rusty Sound

On July 27, 2021, as instructed by Babaji on the astral side, I took a seat as the resident acharya (teacher) of a meditation session. Two yogis, associates of Babaji threw a shawl around my shoulders because that was the mark of the resident teacher of the place. A short distance away, astral measure, was Lahiri with many of his disciples who sat in meditation.

I just completed a breath infusion session with a physical student who was referred to me by Yogananda. I used some rod chimes to make a commanding sound which serves to bring all minds present to order. Soon after completing that I was aware of Sir Paul Castagna and some other serious yogis who associate with him in the astral world.

I shifted to naad resonance and jyoti light perception meditation. At first naad was a distant tiny sound, which had a dissonance in it. Soon after it changed into being a loud screechy sound. Then at last it assumed an endearing tone. I focused into that. Then there was glow light ahead of the coreSelf which I focused on.

All students present on the astral side, were aware of these sound and sight perceptions and tuned to that with focus.

This meditation lasted for twenty-five minutes.

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