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Billionaires Race to Space

Jeff Bezos is set to take off into space tomorrow July 20th 2021. Take a look at how Blue Origin(Bezos’ company) space travel differs from Virgin Galactic(Branson’s Company).

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  • In the race between yogis and astronomical science, it seems that science will win out. This is due to the lack of serious yogis and the failure to report on what happens in meditation.

    This is sad, that we are losing to our competitors.

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    • I think the challenge is the attachment to the physical reference. The interest in space exploration and/or exploration of other existential environments is present. Yet, in the yogic path, these explorations lack physical orientation. Which is a threat to the survival instincts of would be yogis/not so serious yogis.

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    • Aren’t yogis the ones who formulated astrology in the first place? Didn’t they map out the greater cosmos through astral travel, remote viewing and divine association? 

      And astrology simply became what we know now as freemasonic astronomy? Basically a stolen science pretending make believe space flights in an attempt to convince us we can actually physically leave this plane? That we can just bust right on through that radioactive firmament! Gotta keep paying taxes to nasa….and now to virgin galactic….so we can keep building rocket ships and zoom zoom to the moon and Mars and beyond! Yea, right!

      There’s no competition, just corrupted knowledge. 

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      • Well perspectives may vary depending on one’s relied upon source of information. I once read of a particular yogi’s astral travel experience where he looked into the window of a space station and perceived astronauts in space. One may deny this yogi’s claim, suggesting a lack of verifiable proof with accusations of pretense. The same way the claims of astronomical science may be denied by skeptics. But ultimately doubts can only be absolved through direct experience. Either by perceiving the astronauts in space like the said yogi, or climbing on board a rocket ship. Until then, our claims for, or against these space travels are inconclusive. Each individual will then inadvertently rely on a position that promotes harmony in his or her psyche.

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        • We would have to be willing to dismiss the description of the cosmos in the Bhagavatam in that case. 

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