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Kundalini Expression in Arms

Kundalini Expression in Arms

The traditional arousal of kundalini in yoga practice, is through the spinal central passage (sushumna nadi) into the brain. When there is full arousal in this way, one experiences a gold-out which is a transfer in consciousness to the brahman effulgence. This experience is where the coreSelf finds itself to be a sheer golden bliss energy in a sea of golden bliss energy.

However, there are other kundalini arousals which are not brain-based. Some are area based. Some are zone based. Some are organ or gland based. I had one arousal which was unique, where kundalini was summarized and aroused in the arms of the subtle body. It was in an inch diameter button shape exuding a heart pulse of moonlight bliss radiance with a camphor pixel spread having a glow light spreading from the center of the arms throughout.

This experience verifies that other parts of the psyche, not just the head, are upgraded for the assumption of a yogaSiddha body.

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