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After Life - Hinduism - Strange Punishments

I'm not much of a traveler but if i could teleport myself to one place on Earth for a tour of something special it would be Angkor Wat - the Vedic Temple in what is now Cambodia.

I recently came across this channel - its very informative and well presented and he does a lot of fun spirited videos on location there at Angkor. And lots of other world temples. Channel link for all his videos: PraveenMohan

I wasn't sure which of his videos I should share first - this one will do i suppose, but, brace yourself.

(And don't take bribes!!)


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  • I got goosebumps watching this!

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    • Me too Bernard!! 

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      • interesting that someone commissioned this and artists got it done.

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        • The hell carvings of digging out of the eyes reminded me of what Assad, the Syrian dictator had his soldiers do to so many Syrians, as seen in a recent a documentary. Hell exists here on the earth plane too. 

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