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Beyond a Joke

Dave is a knowledgeable and courageous teacher, worth a listen to the open minded - necessary listening for the remaining indoctrinates. 


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  • Thanks for posting this, that gives an honest and personal account and insight to a situation that is widely debated, since so many have similar concers.

    And, there are two sides to a debate. Here is more on the topic:

    Fact check: COVID-19 vaccine makers did not halt animal tests, and there were no widespread animal deaths

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    • USA Today fact checking? Do you know who owns USA Today? I personally would not consider the biggest corporate propaganda machine as, the other side of the story. No offense but Dave had a lot to say, information you can never look to msm for! 

      I’m thinking truth is like a person we know a little bit, but don’t feel all that comfortable with.
      We’ll interact with them from a distance but when the day comes that they are right there in our midst, in the flesh, and the opportunity presents itself to shake hands with the person, we decide it’s not worth it, the risk is too great…..and once again we end up avoiding direct contact with it. The truth often gets rejected for fear of its effects. Even though, it’s really not that scary. We often just build it up to be.

      Shake hands, be brave. 

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    • USA Today! seriously Surya ... smh. If you are still in doubt after hearing what Dave had to say, with supporting evidence, then there's no hope.

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      • I like debates and exchanges. Nothing personal with any of this, maybe that is the wrong the approach.

        I don't endorse much of any of this one way or the other, but perhaps we all need to align along certain lines.

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