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How a Yogi is Regarded by Ancestors

Whose disembodied psyche is pressing to incarnate into the family of a householder Yogi?


MiBeloved’s Response:

The fact that someone is a yogi is not recognized in a meaningful way by those of a family who regard a relative who is a yogi. The consideration of someone being a yogi is overlooked by others because as far as they are concerned the physical reality, its upkeep, and its potential for fulfilling desires, is what matters.

When a yogi displays a lifestyle, which neglect the development of physical desires, he/she is regarded as a misfit in the family, as one who owes favors to the family which should serviced as soon as can be.

Those who are deceased and who feel that they should be fathered or mothered by a yogi, regard only their previous contributions to the family the yogi is in. They see that the yogi owes favors and should render services to compensate. Being a family man or woman is the primary way of doing this.

From both sides, from the potential mother or father, the deceased relatives apply psychological pressure to be sure that they are compensated by the yogi/yogini, whereby he/she becomes involved sexually to produce an outcome which manifest as an embryo and facilities for up bringing of the resulting children.

A yogi is seen and regarded as a debtor, as someone who owes favors. He is not credited as a yogi, not as someone who wants to reduce his/her social involvements.

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  • The material design looks to be a fix!

    A yogi probably can take numerous back and forth to realize that developing the character traits of one can be extremely challenging, when different life cycles are taken into consideration.

    The self otherwise is in a pickle for being subjected to the oscillations of lifetimes. But for the yogi it should matter that what they value above all has no worth in common currency, it is not considered acceptable and so is rarely tolerated.

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