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Food Excess and Sexual Needs

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After I consume food, food exerts pressure on my pubic area and instigates sensual thoughts. How do I handle it, especially after eating? Any techniques.

On ekadashi, I am in eternal peace without food or water. What about other days


Mi~Beloved’s Response:

There are two common causes for food pressure on the pubic area. These are:

  • over-eating
  • eating at the wrong time

Over-eating causes a bulk downward pressure which stretches the stomach, intestines and abdomen casing. But it puts a strain on the pubic cage area. Especially in females this is evident when their lower abdomen becomes distended, something which most women dislike. Because men have more muscles over all in relation to women, a male body may resist distention of the abdomen for a while, but later after say about thirty-five years of age, the muscles in the lower abdomen become so flexed by the bulk weight of overeating, that men too experience increasing distention as every year goes by.

The pressure from food bulk on the pubic area, causes the mind to be preoccupied with sex, resulting also in sexual thoughts because for male the genital apparatus is partially in the pubic area and partially hanging from it. For females with internal and surface genitalia in the pubic cage, any pressure may also produce sexual thoughts in the mind. This will lead to manifestation of sexual urges with sexual expression or release.

Eating at the wrong time, will cause undue strain and muscular movement in the abdomen-pubic zones. This causes slower digestion with protracted interest of the genitals by the mind. Because the mind lingers to process food when it is eaten at the wrong time, it invariable checks the sexual area and when it does so, sexual thoughts arise which may trigger sexual urge and expression.

Eating at the wrong time means eating without reference to the daily passage of the sun with its ascendency in the sky at noon in most locations. If the main digestion in the body does not take place at that time, the digestion will be slower which will cause delay in food passage through the stomach and intestines. This in turn, will cause the mind to linger in the abdomen area and then to consult with the genitals. This leads to sexual interest and expression.


Issue of Ekadashi

The fasting at Ekadashi twice per month or with another regularity according to the recommendation, gives the digestive process an interval to adjust itself from the use of certain foods which are traditionally taken in excess in India. This process of restraining from preparing and eating grains (rice) may be considered as a means of reducing excess eating of those foods for the two weeks (or week) prior to the fast.

However, another way of seeing this is that if a human body requires one measure of rice every day but I was greedy and ate two instead, then in two weeks before the fast, I ate 28 measures of rice, which is 14 measures in excess. Why not cease the excess instead of fasting after overeating for two weeks, because then the relief I feel on the fast day, I would feel every day and I would only consume seven measures of grain which would also ease my stomach and intestines, besides not stimulating excessive sexual interest.

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