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Merging Procedure / Pratyahar Practice ~~ Prem Yogi

This is submitted for Prem Yogi. It is about the process of pratyahar on an advanced level where retraction of specific sensual interest is performed in the subtle body. The procedure is:

  • merge the sense object into the sense organ
  • merge the sense organ into the mind
  • merge the mind into the intellect in pure consciousness

This will result in returning into the pure self which finds itself lacking in sensual interest except for its interest in itself. The sense organ, for example the eyes, lose importance and lose the power to compel the self to view through the eyes. The attractive object which before, was a compelling perception no longer operates to see and then to compel the self to have interest in visual objects, even attractive, appealing and desirable ones.

There is no loving or hating, liking or disliking. These feelings and responses are not experienced. That causes a reduction of excitement about what is other than the self.

I asked Prem Yogi, to clarify what he meant by the word merge. He indicated that when this is done, the objects of the senses and even the sense organs no longer exist for that yogi during the practice.

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