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Presence of Disembodied Persons

The lack of information and perception of disembodied persons is a sure sign that a yogi made little or no progress in transcendence register. Wanting to see or feel the absolute, the supreme, the primal creative cause, and simultaneously not having astral vision is a contradiction. That would be like not knowing a thing about how to make a bushing but speaking of creating a ball bearing.

If someone cannot manifest a simply iron ring, how will he make a precision bearing?

There is the all or nothing approach. Some of us are the personality type, which requires that we attain the highest and nothing short of the absolute, where we plan to move from this physical level to an absolute plane of existence, in one haul.

A simple example of this is Christianity, where the idea of salvation is that a believer has a physical body but will when that body dies, become a spiritual body, either immediately or in the near future when he/she is resurrected by Jesus Christ.

That is an all or nothing approach because it does not cater to anything between the earthly existence and the ultimate one. According to that one is a physical body now and one will be a spiritual eternal body in the near future. There is no middle ground for the true believer. He/she cannot fail to reach heaven after death because the guarantee is the transfer or translation of the person from being a physical presence to being a spiritual person in the kingdom of God.

Another example is the Hare Krishna proposal which is that a devotee, if he/she is a pure devotee will become a spiritual somebody at the death of his/her physical person. Here again it is all or nothing, except that there is a clause to accommodate reincarnation where someone who is a devotee but who is not a pure one, may remain as a serial physical being, taking one physical body after another, until he/she becomes a pure devotee, whereupon, that fortunate someone will at the death of the last physical body be translated into the spiritual world and be a spiritual person there.

Neither of these systems put emphasis on the interim period between becoming physical bodies. Christianity dismisses this idea. It does not accommodate any idea of reincarnation. Its view is that you are a physical body, then you either qualify for eternal life or you do not. In Christianity, there is no situation for any other physical body. Being a physical person is a onetime event.

The Hare Krishna philosophy entertains that the person will take another body if he/she does not qualify as a pure devotee. They place no stress on and rarely discuss what the person is from the time he/she loses a physical body to the time when he/she assumes an embryo.

inSelf Yoga™ promotes a keen interest in the interim state between physical bodies. This begins by observing the subtle body which is experienced in dreams and which conducts psychic actions even while one functions as a physical person.

If a yogi fails to develop the awareness of the subtle body while he/she resides as a physical form, that ascetic will lack the necessary psychic perception to detect and adjust his/her psychic actions. The result will be carelessness and plain ignorance about the behavior and association of the subtle body. This handicaps that yogi.

Some complain that they fail to develop psychic perception. This is a valid feeling. However, it should cause the ascetic to have a keener awareness of the fact that he/she is sensitive about physical reality and that interest should be transferred to the subtle plane of awareness by a practice of constantly shifting the attention to the subtle body.

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    Michael Beloved said: However, it should cause the ascetic to have a keener awareness of the fact that he/she is sensitive about physical reality and that interest should be transferred to the subtle plane of awareness by a practice of constantly shifting the attention to the subtle body.

    Dean's comment: Wanted to share my experiences with the continued struggles with Nature towards this accomplisment of transfering interests to the subtle plane. This necessary perception is easier said than done. The observations over the last 11 years through my consistent practice leads me to determine that this transfer happens gradually. Meaning there are nights were you're fully conscious on the astral plane with perfect recall of what happened when you return to the physical plane and/or nights with partial to no recall.  And times were you can sense but don't see in the physical sense that there is a disembodied persons near so you dismiss mentally. However becoming more sensitive/aware of astral communition between oneself and other entities that are currently using physical bodies have become easier to detect than disembodied ones.  Maybe it's due to a difference in the vibrations of the subtle bodies?  This might be a rhetorical question but something to think about when measuring your progress toward full transfer. Would be helpful if Nature allow us to have a progress bar so it was more clear.


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