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Collection of Light

Collection of Light

This is best done immediately after breath infusion practice, using kapalabhati rapid breathing, or bhastrika, with the appropriate contractions and focus directions. However even someone who does not practice breath infusion can do this in the silence of the mind.

Once the thoughts/image display ceases in the mind, there will be some state of energy in the mind which causes a blank mind or a mind which has indistinct sensation. This could be a bland, exciting, enlivening, upgrading or transcending environment. There may be lights, portals to other dimensions, transcendence sounds and other supernatural experiences.

Usually the mind environment is bland with a near neutral consciousness energy. There may be sound which is continuous and which is called naad sound resonance.

If the vision-search-sense is suspended, there will be no vision. There will only be sound as naad. Otherwise, if the vision-search-sense is active, it might trigger the intellect to produce thoughts or images which will hypnotize the coreSelf and cause it to be occupied with a series of images and ideas. This is unwanted but it happens to many yogis and causes a struggle for power in the mind.

When after breath infusion, the mind has no thoughts or images, and when the vision-search-sense is disabled, the yogi can enable the vision-search-sense. Then he should avoid focusing towards the front of the head, otherwise it is likely that the attention will be captured by the intellect, in which case, the meditation will sink to a lower level. The yogi will find himself/herself struggling to cease thought activity which will occur spontaneously.

Once the vision-search-sense is enabled, it should be kept at the back part of the mind. There it should perceive the glow of light in the mind. This should be collected by the yogi. It is like collecting tiny water plants which float on a lake. This is the collection of chit akash energy which is in the mind. This process takes many sessions of meditation to consolidate. It will develop into more pronounced states of light in the mind.

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