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Rebirth Desired

Recently on October 20, 2020, the deceased mother of my body met me on the astral side. She wanted to discuss the possibility of her taking an embryo. For many years this person had no interest in that. She had suitable accommodations on the astral side. She left the last physical body around 1991. It took her some months to accept the fact that she had no physical register. Once she had that, she shifted into the astral dimensions and was satisfied there.

Now however after some years, she is of the view that she should take an embryo. She said this:

“Many friends left, just disappeared. I assume that they took embryos. They are missing from the astral side. We met and had fun there but without them, I am lonely. There are people on the astral side. There are many people. However, I do not know them. They are from a recent generation. They choices and habits are different. I do not feel comfortable with them. I long to be with my friends.”

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  • Interesting!  ... I wouldn't have thought that one would be bored on the astral side. Good to know.

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    • Even in this world, in a city which has millions of human beings, one may become lonely and isolated. I remember such a condition when I first came to New York City and worked in Manhattan, where on some days I would see hundreds of people at placed like Times Square and Grand Central Station, and still it was as if I was isolated and alone.

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      • Regardless of the environment, there seems to be an overwhelming need for close and/ or intimate association in some sort of capacity.

        For some people a group or a crowd is not necessary, just one such association can be sufficient, but must be there or they feel the void.

        It is truly an existential need, and some have a hard time getting satisfaction and keep meeting many other entities in the quest for fulfillment.

        The episode illustrated in the original post simplifies the phenomenon, but overall, associations and their variety of flavors (rasa) could really be a main underlying motivation for endless transmigrations.

        As one who is seriously struggling on the path of inSelf Yoga, should a time come, when I find companionship in the transcendental sound, I will consider that perfection in my life.

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