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Push-ups / inSelf Yoga

This below is a correspondence on a site at LinkedIn. I post this to clarify an important point about the breath infusion which I teach.

First of all, it is the infusion of breath into the physical body and subtle breath into the subtle body. While the infusion takes place, there is expulsion of carbon dioxide at the same rapid rate because the inhales of fresh air are followed by the expulsion of stale air.

This process is not reverse pranayama but there is a practice where yogis do reverse pranayama. We found however that after checking the Puranas about yogis who excelled at austerities, many of those who did negative pranayama were badly motivated yogis who wanted political power by supernatural means. A person may have political power but not have supernatural energy to boost that interest. If that person mastered any of the parts of ashtanga yoga, the political power would increase exponentially.

This however is not the inSelf Yoga™. This yoga is involved with political conquest of the adjuncts and that can only be gained by positive supernatural power. To gain that positive energy one has to increased the proportion of fresh air energy so that there is little stale energy (carbon dioxide) in the body.

Those persons who do this yoga and who use it in a way which is contrary to what I explain are badly motivated yogis. Yes, I cannot screen every student and be sure that none do the reverse pranayama practice but all the same I do insist that this yoga involves only increase of fresh air into the system.

This is not a muscle building process. This is not a muscle tensing process. This is more of a muscle relaxing and maintaining process.

People who are brahminical are disinclined from armaments and these includes the muscular limbs of the body. People who are ksatriya in nature, warriors and conquistadors, are inclined to develop armaments which include using the body as weapon. However, this yoga is for genuine brahmins.


Be sure to check his video link:


Pamarthi SSPrasad1st degree connection 1stHSE professional and lead Auditor in Quality , Safety and Environment


Dear Sir..Wim Hof..breathing technick...please check n give your opinion. Increase Your Physical Strength Using This Breathing Technique | Wim Hof....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNt3DaSHqWc&feature=youtu.be


Mi~Beloved’s Response:


Pamarthi SSPrasad, I cannot attest about this process because I do not use it. However the best way to evaluate any breathing technique, is to try it, to see if it gives the intended results. This process shown in the video could not be used in inSelf Yoga™ because it does a series of push-ups which greatly increases the carbon dioxide (apana) in the body and does not while it does that increase the oxygen (prana) to compensate for the increased used or expended air which is in the cells. At a glance this process is counterproductive if one does a pranayama breath infusion with intentions of increasing fresh air in the blood streams and cells of the body.


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  • Vishen L. the student in the video is also the founder of MindValley the organization making the video. His organization has been having a great success in the domain of wellness and self-development. He used innovative ways of bringing a variety of lessons to his audience or subscribers.

    Hof on the other hand, is the individual who has the capacity to dive unprotected into deep frozen bodies of water with his bare skin exposed. For that reason some years ago he became a YouTube sensation, therefore he has gotten much deserved attention.

    That side what is happening in this video is fundamentally different in intention, motivation and objective from inSelf Yoga. As explained by Rishi it could actually be opposite.


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