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Stuck in Time with Tobe Terrell

On the night of November 10, 2020, I found myself to be transited to an old astral building in Gainesville, Florida with the likes of Oliver Norden, a downright mad man from Holland and Tobe Terrell, an imprint from a previous era of the earth. The only thing is that this was on the astral side in a parallel dimension which is so much patterned after the physical earth, that it seems solid like earth.

Presently, Oliver is somewhere in Europe, Holland perhaps. At least that is supposed to be the whereabouts of his physical frame. Oliver and myself were brothers in many past lives, when we found ourselves as survivors of certain families with our parents, dead as door nails. Then we would be together like two peas in a pod. We would do this and that together and be known as the two brothers who were weird left-overs of those relatives who lived before.

In the astral encounter, it began with Oliver wandering around in the old wooden rickety building of Tobe on the astral side of Gainesville, an astral place where many kooks hang out, people left up in time, not moving on an inch into the modern age. Tobe, our friend, sold the building on the physical side but he has it under locks in that astral place, where he is well known.

Just as upon losing a physical body, a self continues in a subtle form in the world hereafter, so also a physical structure has an astral counterpart which may persists even if that physical building is demolished. The idea of the building may persist in the astral world just as the actual physical structure may persist for a time on this physical side. On the basis of Tobe’s mental power, the astral side of the building persists even though the party which purchased the place from Tobe altered it on the physical side.

Oliver was on the second floor wandering around like a kid looking for his parents at a busy train station. I met him and as usual from many past lives I was the younger brother who was supposed to take care of him and do whatever was necessary to keep him from going over the edge. Our Mom and Dad, being dead, I was supposed to be sure to tend to him, to his needs, so that he would never miss the services of our parents.

We were there in Tobe’s astral rickety old building which had timbers from who knows when?????

Oliver mentally asked me to get on with it regarding his job. He just transported from Holland and wanted a parttime job as an artist (painter) in the USA. I said that I would do so but we would have to speak with Tobe, the old geezer. I was careful to do astral speak which meant that Tobe could hear only some of what I said. He would never know that I saw him as a geezer which in that astral place meant an old man who knows every nook and cranny of that parallel world.

We walked away. Just then Tobe appeared walking beside us in the building. He indicated that we should follow him. So we did. We went down a stair and to the back of the building, not even walking step by step but gliding more or less.

We appeared at a door. It was a bulky wooden contraption, a Tobe invention, with a rusty padlock which had a pad of numbers. Tobe punched in a code. Just then Oliver wondered what he would do for a living in that place which to his mind was in the physical USA

Oliver telepathically informed me that he wanted an artist job and that he should already be well known, a famous big shot in that world. I allowed Tobe to be in on this information without letting Oliver know that I told Tobe. Oliver had this idea that it was back in the 1200s in Europe and he would be known in every village as the artist of the royal families. Tobe telepathically informed me that he would have none of it because he had some other employment which would suit Oliver just fine.

I told Oliver using astral speak that Tobe would set up things because Oliver and myself, the two abandoned brothers, did not have the connections or financial means to do anything.

Suddenly the heavy wooden door opened. It waited to open until our conjoint attention shifted to it. We went down to a basement, about 4 feet down. We were in a room where children were in a classroom. A girl there, with others and their teacher, attended school.

Tobe guided us down some other stains, down about ten feet under. About two-thirds of the way down, my astral body refused to descend any further. It floated. It refused to act as it had weight. Tobe looked at me as if to say, “That is you, Michael, Damn Wizard! You should pretend that you are ordinary like everyone else. Then such things would not happen to you.”

Oliver looked up and flashed a memory of a time when there was a flood and billions of ants were displaced. We were caught in a river which rushed everywhere to claim all dry land. Oliver thought that floating could provide a means of escape from disaster.

After adjusting my subtle body, it responded as if it heeded the gravity force in that dimension. At the bottom of the stair, the final three steps were rickety as if you stepped, they would collapse. Tobe did something mentally and the steps became firm.

We went down and emerged in a tailor’s shop. It was confusingly arranged but, on an easel, there was a sign which read:

WANTED: Someone to sell hats every day for one hour. 24 pay

That was perfect except that Oliver thought that it was below him, especially since our bodies were white and the tailor was a brown skin man. Anyway, just then a young woman who was brown skinned and about sixteen years of age came out of a back room with the tailor. She was all smiles because the tailor outfitted her for free with some freshly tailored gabs.

Oliver saw how happy the young lady was. He became friendly with the tailor. He forgot that the outfitter was brown-skinned. Now to Oliver the tailor’s skin was the color of kindness.

I sat down as Tobe, Oliver and the tailor spoke about Oliver as an employee. I figured that I should record and publish this astral episode. My astral body became reclined on an ancient couch. I transported in another parallel astral body to my physical body and jampacked this story into the memory of it.

Then I returned. When I did Tobe and Oliver were leaving. I got up in my astral body which was reclined in that tailor shop. I ran a little to be with Tobe and Oliver. Mentally Tobe sent me a message saying that Oliver was a source of disgust because Oliver was so fussy and had a grand idea of his worth. Tobe thought that Oliver should become a baker, which meant using ancient brick ovens.

Oliver for his part hated the part of it having to do with fire which he taught may burn his pretty hair. At this point Tobe left in a hurry as if he had other Olivers to care for. I was left with Oliver at Tobe’s Zen Hostel astral place. But it was time to return to earth because it was about 2.30am, just before I was due for breath infusion and meditation.

I wondered if anyone would learn from this dimensional hop.

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  • I almost fell off the chair laughing when I read this post. I can't stop laughing now when I'm rereading it. I'll try to send it to Oliver, if I can find his email address. Thanks for advancing my practice. As you know, laughter is one of my most important yogic techniques. I am happiest and function best when I'm in the company of people who laugh at the same things that I do. Oliver is one of those–he's such a magical being–an illegal alien traveling around the US as an itinerant artist for 20 years with never a care and leaving a trail of good karma behind. I believe he's in Belgium now.


    I still own that old house, you know. I leased it with an option to buy at the same time that I sold the other building. The guy who bought keeps saying that he's going to exercise his option to buy, but he hasn't yet. Even if he does, I have a right to lease the attic from him for the next 15 years. So I'm still here on the physical plane even though I'm really enjoying living in the Tallahassee woods and swamps. 


    I bought an acre of land and I'm planning to build a building for yoga and meditation on it. I couldn't possibly do it alone, so I'm sending out a memo to people who have hand skills to get their input and see who might want to help. Here's the memo:

    There has been a lot of interest on line and in person about the lot. A new consensus is clear: the plan that has generated the most enthusiasm is the meditation and yoga center.


    That doesn’t mean that the other uses can’t go forward. It just suggests the priority for action.


    So, I’d like to suggest that we have another meeting. It could be in person, socially distanced at the lot, like before. But it also could be online with zoom or skype. It could also be just continuing comments on swampfolk. I have added some names to the persons who attended before to make sure that anybody who has construction or design skills would be included, in case they might not be on swampfolk. Sorry for any duplications.


    I will start off by offering some comments. The first step as I see it is an effort at consensus of vision. What might go on in the building? 


    There seems to be enthusiasm for a place to practice/teach/learn yoga and meditation, but what does that mean? 


    What kind of yoga? 


    Should it be ecumenical? 


    What about movement? 


    If dancing is desired the space might need to be bigger? 


    What about martial arts? 


    Who makes decisions about the space? 


    These are just a few of the questions to consider as the effort regarding design begins.


    All comments are welcome and encouraged.







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    • These subtle realm interactions may seem like a simple dream relatively considered on the surface.
      The different implications and activities of Rishi’s all along are extremely advanced.
      It is not so much about the history of the dream but the details of the psychic mechanisms involved.

      Namely, there is a folding of reality within reality, and there could be a realization of that in quantum physics ***. For example:

      "I sat down as Tobe, Oliver and the tailor spoke about Oliver as an employee. I figured that I should record and publish this astral episode. My astral body became reclined on an ancient couch. I transported in another parallel astral body to my physical body and jampacked this story into the memory of it."

      This is an instance where Rishi evidently “daydreamed” for a split moment*, into a parallel dimension where there exists a super short time concept, even more, condensed than our time effect when compared to the typical parallel subtle realm where events unfold in a few minutes of a dream phase. That doesn’t necessarily mean a shorter time, since the time concept of a given dimension should be considered within its own paradigm and not compared to ours in absolute terms.

      In the last sentence of that paragraph, we can note the same entity witnessing his life in co-existing realities, and able to correlate them in one event, and that IMO is remarkable. Indeed, being able to relate to other dimensions even from this real and during ordinary activities are advanced psychic behaviors of Rishi.

      Just because it is taking place in a different dimension doesn't alter the intrinsic nature of the ability.

      Also, all along he is telepathically relaying information.
      So it may appear ordinary but to answer the question, this dream is certainly is no ordinary dimensional hop.

      Excerpt from the original post:

      "Oliver telepathically informed me that he wanted an artist job and that he should already be well known, a famous big shot in that world. I allowed Tobe to be in on this information without letting Oliver know that I told Tobe. Oliver had this idea that it was back in the 1200s in Europe and he would be known in every village as the artist of the royal families. Tobe telepathically informed me that he would have none of it because he had some other employment which would suit Oliver just fine."

      In addition, there is awareness of generational relational registry, as to what the relationships were in previous lifetimes, unbeknown to others.

      Ultimately, not so much the history of one's whereabouts and relational illustrations, but one's painstakingly developed abilities as the experiences enfold.





      Werner Heisenberg, among others, interpreted the mathematics to mean that reality doesn’t exist until observed. “The idea of an objective real world whose smallest parts exist objectively in the same sense as stones or trees exist, independently of whether or not we observe them ... is impossible,” he wrote. John Wheeler, too, used a variant of the double-slit experiment to argue that “no elementary quantum phenomenon is a phenomenon until it is a registered (‘observed,’ ‘indelibly recorded’) phenomenon.”

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      • Heisenberg's proposition about an objective real world not exisiting until observed, was given long ago in the Yoga Vashishtha, a book attributed to Valmiki who wrote there what the yogi Vashistha taught. 

        In my view it only means that for a specific person, the world which that person is unware of, may well not exist as that person is preoccupied with some other real or imagined environment, and is not aware of being affected or being experienced in reference to that unknown world.

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      • Precisely! I was hinting at the fact your dream is factually demonstrating the awareness of co-existing environments as experienced by the same individual.

        The physics proposition hits at the possibility for their future discoveries, eventually only. They are not there yet in their experiments. That said they aren't done trying in the least.
        If scientists and spiritualits would coordinate more, science would have more targeted and relevant proposal for study.

        And, to the point of the quantum physists, ordinarily, known living entities are normally unaware of these co-concurrent realities, that is what was depicted in physics in the "double-slit experiment"... 
        But you were! And that is extraordinary! Yet it is ordinary for you, since you maintain the ability on a routine basis. 

        What is even more fantastic is the awareness of existing in concurrent dimensions, but also additionally, tuning into another reality telepathically or as in a day-dream. That requires the psychic ability to totally transfer reliance of and on this so perceived concrete realm we all live in into other realities.

        Quatum physics would only eventually stumble on such phenomena, or access it by sheer speculation. Otherwise, positing the right formula wouldn't happen, since observation alone (without the contribution of spiritualists) may not never happen.

        So there is creciendo levels of complexities:

        1. The slit-experiment, of understanding that there (can) exist two con-current realities. And according to science or the book of Yoga Vashishtha by yogi Valmiki, such realities are only existing upon observation.
        2. Being simultaneously aware of con-current realities, contradicting point-1.
        3. Being in point-2 and also relating to a third reality!

        This demonstrably says that point-1, as stipulated above is insufficient and very limited in its purview of the possibilities of human capabilities and (spiritual) evolution.

        Just because a limited entity is incapable of being aware of anything happing that is not under its nose should not be a basis for denying that possibility existing otherwise.

        Perhaps one way could be pay attention to the moment before lapsing into sleep or right before waking from it. At those moments these realities intersect and constitue a cross over split moment which can validate the awareness into con-current realities. Of course this concept also comes with the acceptance of dreams a belonging to genuinely existing realities, along with the faculty of keen psychic observation.



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