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Animal Blood / human consumption

This report may sound ghastly to those who are vegetarians and/or vegans. However using animal blood was a long history of humans on this planet. As a child in an African descended family, I used to see women buy blood and some details of that is given in a publication, I am not in the process of publishing which is Yoga inVision 13.

Many who are introduced to inSelf Yoga get disturbed and downright annoyed when I describe the slow rate of evolution of the coreSelves through the various species of life. Those who feel that this creation began in perfection cannot accept much of what I have to say.

Any way see this report.


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  • I have in my youth while visiting my parents during summer school break from boarding school tasted fresh blood.

    I was aware that the Masai tribe drank the blood of their cows through a straw into a surgical slit on the neck without ever harming them.

    My parents as diplomats could afford to slaughter a sheep monthly instead of buying meat from the grocery store and enjoy more of the animal’s flesh.

    I decided to taste fresh blood. I can be unusually adventurous. I was not sentimental or skittish about this experience whatsoever.

    I had a container placed under the animal’s throat cut as it was being cut and led to bleed cautiously.

    It was nasty, it tasted heavy with an unusually metal taste, for the hemoglobin (iron content), as pasty as trying to drink undiluted honey, and it coagulated very fast making it even nastier, god-awful.

    It seems to me that even in the same life the coreSelf can evolve, by the mercy of advanced yogis spiritualists.


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