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Guru Jaggi Condemned?

This video is a criticism and condemnation of the person who is known globally as Sadguru who runs the Isha Foundation.

This is interesting because the critic is a tantric priest who is knowledgeable about the tantric literature and rites.

If you have any questions about any part of the video, present the querries with the time count where the statements were made. Some of the discusssion has to do with condeming Jaggi because he is not an expert at the rites and also his statements about certain deities is inconsistent with the tantras and other text which describe the activities of those supernatural beings.

An interesting point is the name Sadguru (sat guru), which is a title in India which should not be taken lightly. 

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  • This criticism is interesting but here this priest lists yoga as asana which is a mistake. Asana is only one part of yoga which has eight parts. Still this gives valuable perspective on the ignorance of the text by anyone who says he is guru, much less sadguru or jagatguru.

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    • Another video

      funny in a way

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