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Meditation in Dreams

An inquiry:

Greetings, what is the effectiveness of practicing asanas/pranayama and meditation during dreaming? A few times I've done this deliberately and a few times automatically. Sat down to meditate in a dream for the first time a couple nights ago. Same blank mind achieved. 

Mi~Beloved’s Response:

Physical yoga which includes postures, breath infusion and introspection is for targeting the subtle body and its environments. Physical yoga is not for the physical body in inSelf Yoga™.

There are physical benefits but these are not the objective except when such physical health causes increased awareness and differentiation of the subtle body. Hence if there is posture, breath infusion and contemplation during dreams, that is beneficial. It gives the yogi the hint that he/she can survive with the subtle body alone and can proceed with the practice if he/she is left with just the subtle body.

Currently most human beings and animals are scared stiff of being only with a subtle body. Even though there is the hope that one will be in a heaven hereafter, the day to day truth is that most of us, 99.99%, do not want to be left without a physical form. In other words, we want to have a physical body and there is no way to have that unless a subtle form is involved.

The mental and emotional content of the physical body is the subtle body of the person concerned but somehow there is this feeling that this mental and emotional energy should be housed in a physical system as a human, dog or eagle, as something mobile and physical.

Incidences where one finds oneself doing a posture or doing breath infusion or meditating and completing spiritual analysis while dreaming, denote that one is making progress in losing the fear of being just a subtle body.

Always keep in mind that I mentioned repeatedly that everyone astral projects. In fact, there is no way for a physical body of a human or animal to live unless there is regular separation of the subtle body from the physical one.

Hence my suggestion is that one strives not to astral project because that is happening involuntarily, but instead to be aware of the involuntary astral projections which are conducted by the kundalini lifeForce in the body. One should aspire to become aware of the astral projection which is conducted by kundalini, or for the least, to be aware during an astral projection. Why during and not before it happens or at the onset?

Because the kundalini commits the astral projection after making the coreSelf be put out of commission where it becomes as if it has no objective consciousness where it is so subjective that it is in a state which may be described as being unconscious.

It can happen that one remains objectively aware while the kundalini goes through the motions of separating the astral body but that is hardly likely because of the way the psyche is designed.

To be honest, I witness these operations of the kundalini. During the years from when this body was about six years of age to when it was about twenty-five years or age, I had several sessions witnessing both when the astral body would be separated and then when it would be re-unified with the physical form. After twenty-five years of age, the witnessing of this was reduced.

Once an astral yogi said it was reduced because of having sexual expressions. Is that true?

Regardless I usually advice yogis that due to sexual involvement they will lose that objectivity if they had it in the youth of the body or in early adulthood.

The separation of the astral body from the physical one can be and is a scary experience with flashes of light and with terrifying sounds even. This happens. Why are others not experiencing this? Because they are not in the dimension where the sounds, lights and electric activations occur.

In most cases the person will become aware after the separation of the astral body. This after-separation awareness is vital for causing self confidence that one is a subtle body as contrasted to knowing that one is a physical form. Just hearing about the subtle body and reincarnation is not enough. One must experience the subtle body at least after it is separate as I described.


The blank mind state is vital. One should treasure it. One should wait in it patiently for subtle body vision, pranaVision, third eye vision, intellect vision and other types of perception to occur from that blank mind state.

How long should one wait?

That is a good question!

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  • Ananta ki jai Sri Krishna! and thanks for a detailed response.  Losing the physical body is my goal for certain.  I find it an encumbrance to lighter states of existence.  Until then, the efforts applied to the various yogas are highly effective.  Eternal thanks to Yogi Madhvacarya for the descriptions, analysis and publication of techniques that had remained veiled by private transmission or commercial interests; also to those souls of attainment who share their knowledge with us troubled Earthlings; and to those fellow yogis on the path to freedom, the active side of infinity awaits.....

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