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Article - Womholes & Mystic Access

Are some black holes wormholes in disguise? Gamma-ray blasts may shed clues.

The universe offers a blueprint. But according to science or the method of exploration that approaches subtle manifestation through only the language of “material” senses, it is nearly impossible to access the actual subtle realms. That can be achieved through mystic yoga. That yoga can allow for the perception even beyond, that of the supersubtle.

So, from the blueprint standpoint, the universe and beyond can all be closely, directly, and intimately experienced; even the body is made of matter that is also material that went through a great experience since the beginning of the universe. There are great variations between dimensions, and further and farther exploration of the material realm can only provide more information and detail of variations of the same dimension. And, such is no way to higher dimensions.

Is there a reality between the subtle and the material as in subtle and supersubtle? Having evolved to the level of top predator (and in some ways destructors) on the planet, humans find many ways and means to move beyond what it actually means to be human. Science offers an alternative as a material evolution as well as subtle material advancement in terms of discovery, understanding, and knowledge. Mysticism offers a path to evolution that is radical in its capability to provide surefire access beyond human’s own nature, all aspects considered.

The two are not mutually exclusive, on the contrary … However, the inner disposition of the mystic yogi is fundamentally different to that of all others, as it allows access beyond all conceivable creation, and by doing so it confirms the evolved position of the human being in the most outstanding manner.


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