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Unbelievable Initiation Rituals

Last night I watched this interesting video of Apachi female rights of passage.  It is very interesting and sweet.  But......


It got me thinking about western youth in general and of course my own son. Non tribal cultures lack meaningful rituals providing rights of passage. I certainly was not provided any form of right of passage, quite the opposite. My adoptive mother was unfortunately more than annoyed with me on the day of my first moon cycle and no mark, except a negative one, was placed upon my transition. (She was going through her own stuff.)

I thought to myself that maybe I've neglected to provide my own son with some sort of right? I'm still contemplating that...in the meantime....I thought I'd research some traditional ways boys are symbolically transitioned from boyhood to manhood through ritual ceremony in tribal cultures.

Oh boy, did I find out some stuff that made my stomach turn and my head spin. 

I cannot fathom the strangeness of the human being and the choices he/she makes and superstitions therein.

Brace yourself.

Male Rites of Passages from Around the World - WOW

The one where they have to put their hand in the glove of bullet ants and not express any emotion seems like child's play after what I learned the Sambia men of Papa New Guinea do to their young male youth.

In my opinion the Sambia men should literally be arrested for crimes against humanity.

I don't care what their cultural traditions are, some things are just systemized abuse. 

(May I remind that the origin of the word 'tradition' is traitor.)

The more I learn of systematic ritualism the more I don't like it.  It becomes unavoidably corrupted.

Maybe if a person needs a ritual ceremony to mark a life transition it should be done by the individual themselves or a close friend. Privately.  Not by a cult group of superstitious perverts. 



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  • Rites of passage are in every culture except that in the modern setting it is harder to discern it because of rapid transit of bodies and ideas. This rapidity is related to the development of smelting metal, manufacture electricity on demand and the discovery and refinement of petroleum.

    Metals meant the Guttenberg printing press which caused the rapid transit of information. Electricity meant the convenient control of light (like sunlight). Petroleum meant the gasoline combustion engine which caused horses to be replaced by machine.

    Even no ceremony is itself a rite of passage based on the fact that a transit rapidly-changing culture cannot represent itself by anything permanent as in the sense of village life thousands of years ago.

    A rite of passage must come out of the way of life and influences of the time. This means the associations in the form of relatives, school friends, media influence and societal pressure must create that rite of passage. Right now, in America the media has the biggest influence in my opinion. Therefore, it should create the major part of the rite of passage for youths.

    And let me take a look at the rites of passage of lower mammals like tigers and birds. How do they recognize or appraise the maturity of their young?

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