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International Space Station Time Lapse Photography

Time lapse sequences of photographs taken by the crew of expeditions 28 & 29 onboard the International Space Station from August to October, 2011, their pictures were made at an altitude of around 350 km. All credit goes to them.
Full HD, refurbished, smoothed, retimed, denoised, deflickered, cut, the original footage itself already has an almost surreal and aestethical visual nature.
Music: Jan Jelinek | Do Dekor, faitiche back2001
w+p by Jan Jelinek, published by scape Publishing / Universal
janjelinek.com | faitiche.de
Image Courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory,
NASA Johnson Space Center, The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth
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  • The display of the sun flares was also caught by still cameras and telescopes. The gravity of the earth as coming from the center of the earth or the center of the earth as a collective force can be verified in that display because the flares cannot all escape from the gravitational field of the sun which is a sphere. Some of the flares fall back into the sun. Others fall back in part and some others are ejected away from the sun completely never to fall back to the sun.

    This may be used to understand why rockets fall back to the earth and why some other rockets do not but float off into space. Of course the flares disappear if they float off because they lose brillance due to losing nuclear power due to the fact that the energy fizes out for the most part and whatever energy from the flare remains is not see by the instruments used.

    The flares which are pulled back into the sun also disappear as these are merged back into the mass of the sun. Rockets which are pulled by the earth, or parts of rockets (boosters) which do so, burn up in part due to contact with dense air particles and survive in part to crash into the earth.

    The super-heated part of the earth which is the core of it, which is itself a nuclear furnace can be surmised as well by the fact that if the sun keeps burning like this eventually its fuel will be exhausted as any fire would in the process of time, even a nuclear fire. As it cools, the surface of it will dry out and become a crust just like when we have foundries on earth and the top of a mass of molten metal cools to form a crust. In that case usually it does not crust on the bottom of the heated container because in that case, the heat is not provided from the center. 

    In the sun's case however, the heat is being charged from the center and as it cools, it will form a crust around the sphere of it, just as the earth currently has a crust.

    The difference is however that the sun does not have another sun to heat it as it cools while the earth has the sun to heat it as it cooled down and formed the crust some parts of which are continents and islands.

    When the sun cools, the earth will be in a pickle because of lack of that heats which pumps out and produces the solar flares. The people who live on the sun will be in a pickle too because in so far as their solar bodies need nuclear energy for energization, they will not live on the surface but will only get sustenance if they are living under the surface. That is something for yogis to consider because in Bhagavad Gita there are suggestions that yogis should endeavor to get to the sun's surface. That suggestion will fall apart when the sun cools sufficiently to begin having a surface.

    One other feature we should know is that temperature wise, outerspace is icy. It is cold. The earth is habitable because it has a heated core and it gets heat from the sun's energy which reacts with the air which hugs the earth. The sun itself is useless to use for heat if we did not have air because it is the reaction between sun rays and that air which produces heat. But that heat from the reaction is not enough to make the earth habitable. It must also have the heat from the core, heat from within the earth.

    Eventually that heat will be expended, and that the whole idea about us being on earth in these bodies will be terminated. The core or inner part of the earth, produces heat only at this time. Every bit of cold we have like in the northern and southern hemispheres comes from outer space. Why does the sun not heat that up?

    Because outerspace is a near vacumn where we have so little air, that there is no reaction with the sun's rays and hence no heat is produced. Obviously the sun is a ball of radioactive gas but in time this gas will convert into solid materials just as the earth is made of solid materials at this time.

    In a sense, in the physical sense, the sun has no form. We can say that if we consider this from physical reference. But actually this is nonsense because from the view of scientific machines , the sun has definite form even though the forms alters from moment to moment. But our physical bodies also alter from moment even though we hardly realize that due to our limitations of perspective. Everything has form if someone has the means of perception to it. As soon as there is no means of perception in reference to whatever is there, we cry that it has no form. We should instead say, I have no means to perceive it.

    Does a disembodied person have form? After all we cannot see him. Hence should be stamp him as being formless?

    When we look at the sun with naked eyes, we do not see the flares but the instruments reveal not just the form of light but the limits of it. How should be consider that?

    The subtle body and even the raw atma or coreSelf has form. It is not formless at any stage. The problem is not the lack of form but the lack of perception of certain types of form. When the form is physical and solid, we are currently equiped to see it. When it is a subtle membrane or energy limit, we are out of the scope of apprehending it.

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