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Distance Viewing

Distance Viewing

One unusual supernatural perception occurs at the space between the intellect and the third eye. When this occurred on February 25, 2020, I noted the quality of the perception. It was that of events in the physical existence but events which were far away from where I was located.

The first perception was that of the back view of a woman. Then there were views of men and views of children. These were views of physical bodies moving in some other environment either here on earth or elsewhere. There was at the time no means of determining exactly where these people were located but it was definitely that of their physical activities.

I reported about vision at the third eye, vision in the intellect orb, vision by the coreSelf directly, subtle energy vision and spiritual body eye vision. These are regular as compared to the vision I experienced during this meditation,

A yogi should constantly work for subtle, supernatural and spiritual vision. Even if he/she gets little result, the striving for clarity should continue regardless. A little vision is a boon. Even if the vision only last for two seconds, even one second only, it should be regarded as success. One should not be discouraged.

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