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Awaking on the Other Side

What is it like to awaken in the hereafter? Is it similar to awakening as a physical body, morning after morning in the same routine for years on end?

As a physical body, one sleeps, dreams or do not dream, then one awakens. It is as if one’s existence was suspended during sleep when there is no dreaming. It is activated in an illusory world when there is dreaming, then one awakens again as a biological system.

This happens day after day for three hundred and sixty plus days per year for as long as the physical body lives.

But how would it be if on the next sleep occasion when one was transferred into a dreamland, one never awakened as the physical body. One remained in that dream fantasy and found oneself to be that dream person who was made not of flesh and bones but of imagination materials.

Suppose one did not resume physical living and one remained only as the dream person of the self? How would one get to work? How would one pay the rent? How would one service the relationships with relatives and friends? How would one eat food? How would one breathe air? How would one get gasoline for the automobile?

Is death merely the inability to rise from sleep as the physical body?

Is it merely an involuntary transfer to the dream environment where one awakens there as one did in dreams except that one does not shift back to being a physical body?

One is left with only the dream body identity and no physical alternative. This is a brief about death!

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  • What is really significant is one’s attitude or consciousness regarding death or towards the psycho-emotional self as a stand-alone feature of who/what one is or represents.

    How would I satisfy my desires, needs, and wants in the afterlife? What will those aspects of my life look like, correspond to translate into, on the other side?

    What will my first day coming to, and freshly out of body be like? Will I feel liberated from this burdensome train of life? How much attached I am to what I have going on this side? What is my consciousness in performing/caring out my activities?

    I like to ponder on such questions. I sometimes think that ordinary folks could think that I am obsessed with death, but I appreciate that this has led me to have a deeper understanding and even appreciation of the afterlife (without being suicidal kiss). I keep these sorts of inquiries to myself because to just about anyone they are all too morbid.

    I feel that the more I can become attracted to the other side the better of I will be. It’s actually the real question of survival for me. On this side survival is real, but it is in a way exclusively material, the real existential survival for me is concerned with the next chapter, but it starts here (and now).

    Therefore I have decided a few years back to become a death doula, a last hour angel also called a dying specialist, and volunteered in hospices as well as nursing homes. I figured that of the many ways I have to assist others as a means of livelihood or benevolent help, this is one that matters to me. My reasoning being that at least I may learn something practical from being there, from others during their transition into the “bodiless” state.

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