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Sense of Identity (Ego) and Consciousness

The video below is truly a masterpiece of communication even if I'm not sure about the conclusion.

When my ego surfaces after I've had an encounter with "illuminating consciousness",  I am always left with a sense of:  "there is more than this."  I feel there is something buried within or beyond consciousness.

In Buddhism, the Buddha frequently preached that:

  • form is not self
  • feeling is not self
  • perception is not self
  • (mental) formations are not self
  • consciousness is not self

Watching talks like this, however, is really helpful in sorting my own experiences.  There is clarity here, even if I do not agree with the final conclusion.  The graphics are amazing.   The character description he applies to the ego seems pretty accurate too.  Overall, helpful to watch.



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  • It is a good lesson in a certain interpretation and realization of the ideas of Advaita Vedanta. I accredit the sannyasi with working hard to realize the ideas of the sects he belongs to.


    Actually everyone from any sect should work that hard to come to terms and realize the ins and outs of the philosophy which that person accepts.

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