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Astral Hare Krishnas

On May 15, 2020, I had an encounter with Kirtanananda Swami Bhaktipada who is now deceased. He was stripped of his authority and barred from the institution which he helped to create, the Hare Krishna Movement.


Somehow using the energy of my relationship with him, he caused my subtle body to appear in a place in the astral world, where he has a territory. Unlike New Vrindavan which he created, this place has no hills and mountains. It is flat farmland.


At that place he was the only one with a vehicle, except that the transport had no engine and made no sound as it moved. This is similar to an electric car, except that the electric vehicle may have a quiet hum from the motor while Kirtanananda’s blazer was soundless.


His astral body was similar to his last physical form in that it had a defect so that he walked with a limp. The astral body looked like his physical body when he was in his thirties except that he was not clean shaven and did not sport a tuff of hair (sikha) at the back top of his head.


He was in a jovial slightly challenging attitude. At this astral place he was the one and only leader. When I first appeared in that astral place, he sped along a dirt road which bordered a farm field. Before I could say anything, he spoke explaining that on the astral side, he was allowed the parcel of land which was part of a larger acreage owned by the Hare Krishnas. He said that the astral GBC (governing board) awarded him that section of land.



Kirtanananda then said that he attracted me to the place because we had some unsettled business in terms of who was the teacher of whom. Was I his guru? Or was he my guru? This he said was the question.


He said this in a challenging way but I did not respond. Knowing that the question was a paradox and that his system of belief could not accommodate it, that it would be a wasted discussion, I did not reply. Subsequently his mind dropped the subject.


After this my astral body was transferred instantly to a placed where some boy disciples of Kirtanananda were. They were by some small huts near which were outhouses. I noticed that the outhouses were unused and that the astral forms in that place did not eat and did not evacuate. But the complexity was that this group of Kirtanananda followers were involved in farming and dairy concerns. I thought, why farm if you do not eat?


Some of the boys who were about fourteen years of age, were worried about being confined at Kirtanananda’s farm. They thought to escape from the place, to go to the civilized world which they heard of but never saw. However, from that astral place, it seemed to their minds, that civilization was far far away.


Actually, in that astral place there was no civilization to go to unless one’s astral body developed a fetus or changed in frequency so that one could transit into another astral place.


After this I was transferred to a temple building. In a side room to it there was a woman, I knew some years ago. She wanted to hold a discussion. Kirtanananda’s mindal energy permeated the place, such that one knew that any communication with anyone there would be known to him.


I approach the woman and exchanged greetings. After that she expressed intense grief over losing her husband some years ago. She was distressed about it and nurtured that as a grievance towards life.


After this I saw many persons in that temple building and the prominent aspect of those persons and the place was that the connecting feature was each person’s relationship with Kirtanananda. No one has japa beads. There was no deity. There was no group chanting. Everything hinged on relationship with Kirtanananda. This is called bhakti in the Hare Krishna Movement but it is usually translated into English as devotion. Actually, the meaning is relation, social relation.


After perusing the temple, my subtle body switched to a small building which was adjacent. There were two senior monks there. These were the only two persons there who word monk garb. They had sannyasis dhotis exactly as these are used in the Hare Krishna organization.


Each sat on a couch. I entered and sat on the floor. Both of them ignored me. It may be that they were unaware of my entrance because my subtle body was in a dimension which they could not access. One spoke to the other, explaining what they would do when they travelled to South America shortly. He also said that they had a political connection in the country they were travelling to and this contact would be sure to get them VIP treatment. The other one studied some scripture books in preparation of the lectures he would give once he got to South America.


I got a flash from Kirtanananda that these sannyasis were supportive of him and assisted him to getting this parcel of territory assigned for his specific use. Soon after this I realized that I saw no astral water in that place. There was no eating of any sorts, something which is an essential part of the Hare Krishna process.


I was again transferred to the temple building in the corridor where the lady had a room. She was terribly distraught. She showed a room which was her bedroom. In it was a large bed except that half of it was a blank space for her husband who left her. After this I gradually became aware of my physical body. I carefully wrote notes which I used to write this report.

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