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Honoring All Mothers

Happy Mother's Day to all kinds of mothers high and low, near and far, nurturing or not, loved or not.

Mothers of all creatures and humans provide the birth opportunity for cultivation of noble qualities and fulfillment of obligations.  How unlivable this world would be without the nurturing investment by mothers. 


We are indebted to Mothers Everywhere.


Celebrating Moms at Unity of Palm Harbor


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  • Most of the Puranas are dedicated to male deities, except for the Devi Purana. There it is proposed that God is a female, as the primal nurturing Person, even as the one who nurtures God when God  is proposed as a male.


    Existentially when a male looks to the right and to the left, he sees females. These appear spontaneously. He has to figure how they arrived in the environment but as to their purpose, that is self-evident. They are the nurturing factor in the creation. That is an existential mystery!

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    • Maybe cease looking to the right or the left and look directly inward?  Perhaps it isn't helpful or possible to figure everything out.

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