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Michelle O. voter shames ?

Michelle, of flexible morality, blames those of us who struggled with that terrible reality 3 years ago.

That for the first time in our voting lives, the choices were absolutely unacceptable.

EQUALLY absolutely unacceptable.

Therein was the impasse.
We were left with no option that could be even begrudgingly selected. No, not in good conscience.

The right to quietly pass on the vote is not a right one wants to invoke, but it’s an American right nonetheless.

It was a sad day, Election Day. I felt I was failing my civics teacher mother who’s passion for civil rights has kept the responsibility of voting alive in my heart despite all that I’ve come to learn about the corruption behind everything I once thought existed to serve us. 

Thanks but no thanks Michelle. You’re opinion, like your garden, doesn’t make sense. 





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  • interesting.

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