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Video | Is it true that yoga will awaken deeper energy, which is called kundalini? | J. Krishnamurti

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  • Very nice video by Krishnamurti regarding the conceptions on yoga as we have come to normalize it in the West! These types of truths on the subject matter are absent from our modern teachers and gurus, as all have to align themselves according to the desires of the people. And, the surest way to make one's historical mark is to get on a bandwagon.

    In that effort, at about 8:00 (minutes) into the answer, I arrogantly and lacking humility think that I had insight into his level of meditation depth. 

    The intellect as an organ that serves as an analytic center and participant in the executive commands that benefit the social self, according to the master is also part of the social self, and he deducts that its activities sap the person of energy. There is truth in that.

    He also indicates that peace of mind is a special state, that is in accordance with a clarified psyche. However, based on his position, that can only happen when there is absolutely no self. It is my take that this implies the social self only, and the aim of his practice would, therefore, be at beat about approaching the sense of attention. My assessment is a quick and superficial analysis based solely on this one video.

    And, obviously, that would be handled from a forward focus within the psyche, an interesting approach, certainly. However, from that position, a no-self does not have anything to do with Brahman effulgence. It would rather be an exercise confined to the preliminary work of clearing the psyche of social concerns, as advised prior to attempting more detailed purificatory endeavors.   

    So that archetypical struggle (mentioned by 9:00) of desires, conflicts and such which is the talk of all on any path to advancement has no genuine relation to the ultimate dichotomy of the actual self and all things of life, the living, any form of body and their environment(s). 

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