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India.or Egypt? What is Kemetic Yoga?

It took a ton of time to research this because I didn't want to miss anything...

Yoga: India....or Egypt??

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  • A detailed analysis of the situation. Eventually it is reduced to the individuals who developed and taught the various systems. If one or two people of an ethnicity or race develop something which later many people utilize, why should the credit be given to that ethnic group or race unless a majority of those people adopt and develop that method/skill.

    One spark can start a forest fire but that does not mean that the fire is the spark. It seems to me that it is an identity crisis for the claimants who come after and seize the mental or physical product as their property.

    That is a sham!

    In this respect I mention an event in inSelf Yoga, which I pioneered and described with explanations and diagrams. I already lost control of being the proprietor of it. But I know of a person who began a spiritual movement and who years after he was deceased asserted the right of ownership of the society which continued on the physical side of existence. He deligently pursued anyone who tried to use his method, literature and organization in the astral world so as to curtail their confiscation of what he considered was his exclusive property.

    Personally, I already see that nature took steps already to confiscate and use whatever I contributed. And this is just fine with me because when the tally is figured, it is all the property of nature anyway.

    • Very detailed, succinct and advanced study of the differences between these two labels or considerations from the gamut of yoga.

      Of all these that will ultimately continue to change, adapt and evolve with their adopters and practitioners, only those on an extremely narrow conduit of practice truly possess the yoga that leads to extraction from the material condition and it strictly refers to the individual and their psycho-emotional being.

      That yoga has one creed, psychic purification.

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