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Video / China Conquest

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  • People’s Republic of the future? More like people's suffering or factories of the future!
    Not much of the capitalistic Silicon valley atmosphere at all. More like a proletariat assembly lines of field workers.

    A very extreme manner of engaging human energy. They are taking "everything" out of these chain producers.

    Okay, maybe it might actually be the Ali Baba of electronics and digital gadgets. They had better get real.

    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but my gosh, drinking Red bull like that! Can you sue for duress should you drop out dead? Sure not.

    To top it all off, the whole set turns out to be a great exercise of population surveillance by the so-called people’s government. At least Silicon Valley started of its own device the surveillance of the masses until congress and other European governing bodies decided to try reining them in.

    These poor abused young willing ones, at the pace of the tech growth and renewal, will be also become obsolete (just like the ones before them) even prior to getting old enough for their driving license, what speak of starting a life.

    • Why blame the masters of the humans when in the ant and bee colonies all the workers are regimented tightly even without use of the technology. Humans did not begin this. Why tag them as if they did?

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