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Video / Scaramucci turns on his boss.

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  • Good for him!

    Whatever his reasons now, most people saw all that a long time ago, and others from day one.

    Still, he deserves acknowledgment to have finally stepped on to the other side of this clear line between what now many see as right and wrong, or even worse descriptives (of what those two sides are).

    However, he doesn't have constituents to fear from, just needs to be as he puts it "a big boy" (or man? - I can't exactly recall).

    And others, from disparaging him initially, promptly decided to give him a chance. That timeline has clearly expired by now, and for more than one reason. And, what's left after tiptoeing, skipping, dancing around is just jumping to join him over the line he drew across the nation.

    Good policies? Rolling back all sound environmental protection legislations and being gleefully anti-science or woefully defunding the eclectic cross-departmental anti-domestic terrorism team?

    Anyways, no shame about it. Right down to listening for words of reason and wisdom from another circus clown, the Mucc. How long will it last? If words even matter any longer. 

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