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Failed Yogis / Heavenly World Hideout

For a yogi who fails to reach Siddhaloka and beyond, there are places where such an ascetic can hideout in the afterlife, and continue austerities which would cause him to deserve going higher without having to assume another embryo.

The rule is that if a yogi fails to reach at least siddhaloka, he must take another embryo regardless of whether he desires that or not. This stipulation is based on the operations of the reincarnation attraction which such a yogi would feel. It would be there with his aversion to such a physical birth. It would be compulsive enough to cause him to be birthed from a woman’s passage somewhere somehow.

But there are alternatives which are few and far between. A yogi may find one of these methods and use them to avoid taking an embryo to become a physical human again. Why would a yogi be desperate to avoid rebirth? The reason is simple. He knows that it is risky. There is no guarantee that he would fill out the required austerities in the next body. Circumstances may go awry. In fact the likelihood is that his progress will be retarded.

During a 4am session of breath infusion on May 6, 2019, Rishi Singh Gherwal was contacted when I reached a zone which is slightly above the swargaloka heavenly world. This is a place which is below siddhaloka. He did not come to this place but I could see him in a dimension above this place. He indicated that he was one of the gurus who were assigned to remain near this place to help students who would reach that level. He emitted an energy assigning me to take his position at this place, where I would wait her to help student yogis who reach this level by some method or the other, and who need to continue austerities to go higher.

During this contact with Rishi, he showed two yogis who were in a heavenly cubbyhole, a small room which was lit with a cream colored light. They were in swargaloka heavenly world but in the top of that place where they were doing austerities in the small room. They were absorbed in an introspective bliss absorbing meditation.

These yogis would not have to take embryos but could do austerities which would cause them to go higher to the janaloka place which is for ascetics who are no longer attracted to the heavenly pleasure in the swargaloka world nor to the enjoyments which are procured by physical species.

  • This is such an interesting write up.  I appreciate what you report and how clear your iteration is, but how do you feel about it? 



    • Due to the obligation relationship with Rishi Singh Gherwal, it is not an offer but is rather an order, so that I will have to take the position to be available as he was.

      This is similar to soldiers serving at a guard post, where one is relieved when the other one reports for duty.

      • Congratulations on your upcoming assignment and promotion!!!

        I personally consider any real step up from here a great boon!

        •  As we know from Gita, even if a highly trained person who is expected to have shed pesky 'feelings' through discipline, it doesn't always pan out into non-feeling

          ........poor Arjuna goes down in the deep historical chronicles of humanity as a great warrior who suffered a blasted panic attack (feelings) before taking on his duty.

          Insulted by Krishna, despite his duty (destiny) he felt shame and confusion, more feelings.

          Later, he rose out of his feelings of panic into feelings of willingness. 

          Then when he saw the Universe form he went into a form of shock, another feeling.

          Then later on in the Mahabharata, he feels forgetful, lost, bewildered - even after completing his mission on the battlefield.

          A question about feelings isn't to pry, its just to get a handle on how the individual is interpreting the news.

          Without feelings, spiritual feelings even, what are we?

          If we don't have feelings, seems we might as well be in oneness.




          • The question about Arjuna's emotional conditions and the changes in that, is worthy of consideration. In chapter two of the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna asked Arjuna about how the condition which was lower than was expected came about. Arjuna did not answer the question because perhaps it was not a question but an alert to Arjuna than he was lowered in level of consciousness and should rapidly resume a higher relational level, where when seeing the same circumstance, one derived a totally different even an opposing conclusion.

            On one level one sees a circumstance in a certain way.

            On another level one sees the same circumstance in a totally different way.

            This happens because each level supplies different viewing access and provides reasons to act in different way as the logical thing to do.

            The movement from one level to another may mean losing and/or gaining certain perception views and conclusion.

            This means that a question about something which happened when using x phase of the subtle body may not apply, while that same question may have all the relevance when using y phase of the subtle body. In the Bhagavad Gita we observe that initially Arjuna when using a certain phase of his subtle body, saw things in a certain way and had certain crippling emotions which stipulated that he act in a certain way. But then after he saw the universal form, he did not see things in that way any longer. What happened?

            Why did the lamentation cease suddenly?

            What would happen if we asked him why he did not lament after chapter eleven?

            Would it make sense to ask that?

            Later in the Anu Gita when he resumed the subtle body, he used in chapter one, he again had a feeling to move back to the phase of his subtle body which he assumed after seeing the Universal Form, and then Krishna refused to help Arjuna to make the shift.

            This suggest that the burden of shifting was left to Arjuna alone. An infant gets assistance from the parents for walking but later in the juvenile stage, the parents withdraw help.

            Certain emotional facilities, feelings, become unavailable on certain levels of the astral body, hence questions about using those facilities cannot be answered when the yogi is on those other levels where he is out of touch with certain feelings and is in touch with a totally different range of perceptions and feelings.

            It is important to realize that one does not carry every aspect of a certain phase of the subtle body, to every other level. In dreams we experience this on occasion where sometimes we act without the normal set of feelings which we are familiar with and identify as ourselves in the physical world.

            When we take rebirth as infants, we have feelings which seems to disappear when our bodies change into adult stage. The way we endeared our mother for instance changes where we do not relate to that person the way we did when we were, say five months old. Can we ask a fifty-year-old man why he is not feeling the way he did when he was five months old?

            What happened to those feelings why can he not relive them?

            • Michael said: 

              When we take rebirth as infants, we have feelings which seems to disappear when our bodies change into adult stage. The way we endeared our mother for instance changes where we do not relate to that person the way we did when we were, say five months old. Can we ask a fifty-year-old man why he is not feeling the way he did when he was five months old?

              What happened to those feelings why can he not relive them?

              devaPriya reply:

              I've personally relived nameless emotions. The feelings are as old as me and come over me at strange times and make me feel an indescribable aloneness, embarrassment, and longing for something that is totally not there combined with a knowing that it will never be there. But they are important to my understanding of the core-self's situation.

              Recently during a break at work while sitting in my car under a tree in a Walmart parking lot, I felt the feeling. Objectively I thought, again? Why do I continue to always feel this when there is real no obvious reason I should? Why has it not left me, even after all the subtle work I've done?  I decided to track it and went into meditation following the feeling all the way through my life, back to the moments of my birth and being alone. I have no 'explicit' memories of the place, like what color the walls were or what the nuns looked like who would have been caring for me in my birth mothers absence. Its not that kind of memory.  It's a primitive memory of being without. Other than. Set aside and not part of the whole. It causes an insidious vulnerability to move strangely through the nervous system.

              Yea it may seem like a low emotion and is conjured by low vibrational feelings, yet still seems relevant to progress to scrutinize it, even if it remains. 

              I think primitive emotions can alert us to our existential situation. Memories live inside our bodies and memories of divinity and bliss must live in our core-self memories.  While we are in material creation we suffer from disassociation from God in a sense and that can cause existential panic (seems the only thing that really stopped Arjuna's feelings attack was seeing the Universal Form and being directly, explicitly reminded of his relationship with the Father.) In these bodies, I think, if we are separated from our own mothers, it causes a very similar feeling of dis-associative sadness. 

              Possibly, if one does not suffer this trauma, they may be able to avoid those embarrassing primitive emotions of loss and individuality. Being stuck with yourself in an unpredictable multiverse.

              One may be able to spend one's life never feeling such a thing. Yet it may come upon us all eventually. The experience (bhoga) of existential aloneness, the feelings of it.

              When I read the book Siddhartha I felt vindicated in some of my darker more primitive feelings.  He even describes repeatedly the feeling of nausea, which isn't just physically experienced, but emotionally, in the subtle body, over and over, as repetitive feelings that kept him moving in the direction of knowledge and understanding of how he should move toward spiritual advancement. 

              His detailed admission of his feelings was really insightful to me.




              • But there may be a whole range of other feelings somewhere somehow using another phase of the subtle body and until such a state becomes the reality where the "you" is defined there and not here, this "you" which was formatted here on the basis of the sensing aparatus awarded here, will be the evidence and everything else will be strange and unbelievable.

                I think it is important to have conscious astral projections because that would be the first experience of other "you(s)." Is anyone ready to be translated to some dimension hereafter where the currently formulated "you" does not register and is totally forgotten.

                I used to ask Christians about that, and also Hare Krishnas, as to if their translation to heaven would be with their loved ones here and with their sense of security which they now possess?

                And of course, I am still waiting answers.

                • And as you've pointed out many times, the subtle body is able to take many formats.  It is designed to do so. I think as a subtle format you adapt to the environment you find yourself in. And we know for sure that the core-self adapts and most often becomes unconscious to the format anyway.

                  I think our experience of feelings within whatever format we are in are an important indication of something. 

                  As above so below maybe.


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