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Facebook blamed for Trump Presidency?

Is Facebook getting the rap for Trump exploitation of its media?


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  • A weak slap on the wrist for such an impactful act on the now no longer model democracy. And such a vague token, a drop in the bucket that doesn't even affect the actual responsible leaders and decision-makers.

    Counting Russia in the mix, it makes for a clear illegitimate presidency. Therefore all this posturing and feistiness from the administration. The truth is coming out! 

    Now the stuff is made accessible to the commoner, but from the first day, it was obvious to those who pay attention to the investigative works of the governmental agencies that the WH was being taken hostage or at least democracy as it was.

    What is laughable IMO is that there is a great expectation for this administration to do something about the haking of the Americain Democracy (by Russia). Stupid or foolish it is to think that they would dare offend the hands that put them in power, and that would ultimately give a shot at the next one.

    At this point, the terrain is like a chessboard, with Providence moving the pieces, so very hard, near impossible to say what comes at the next moment or move.


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