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Video/ A Humble Scientist?

Aliens as Subtle Energies

Is evolution/ advancement into the subtle a possibility, considering the way humanity has been going about it?

In the grand scale of time, would humanity eventually actually contemplate spiritual progress?

What would a humanity or civilizations of several million years be like?


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  • horseshit!

    Because we are confronted with the problem of death. What they are discussing is what should happen or may happen, what is possible or may be possible to mankind, not to you or to me.

    That is tricky and is misleading because even though mankind could be said to have ventured to the moon for example, I, individually have not made the journey.

    As for example we have computers but I cannot make not even the smallest screw in one of the devices. It is not an accomplishment for me. 

    If humans life for say another billion years, that is not an individual achievement. I may be eating dynasaur shit when I eat an apple, but the dynasaur who shitted is not here to identify the achievement.

    Pride in being part of humanity is horseshit.

    _Still it is a wonderful video because it gives some idea of what the leading scientific minds are thinking. What they think does impact us.

    Man as a collective is not the same as man the individual. That is my point. inSelf Yoga™ concerns man the individual, because group consciousness is a farce more or less.

    Nature will not allow the persons (collective mankind) who die in an atomic explosion to pass away collectively. The experience is individual for each. Group security is not allowed.

    • Indeed, such will forever be the difference between individual salvation and the scientific quest/ advancement. There will always be the scientific minds and their proclivity, the mystic beings and their instincts, and also the masses and their tendencies. Broadly speaking, these are the categories I see in the future.

      Just as science has sought into the obvious manifestations of material energy, it continues to progressively look into finer levels of energy. It has very quickly confounded and supplanted religious foundations. It is now starting to validate the supernatural and the mystic to a degree.

      Observing and understanding these movements in the environment can be of consequence to subsequent life cycles for the mystics, as far as adequately dealing with the environments of the future. The masses simply are part of the rest of the "natural world". They are relevant as much as the rest of nature but immaterial in terms of intrinsic movements of subtler definitions and works.

      Humanity strictly speaking has always been defined by or more precisely decided by the advanced beings, that precept cannot be altered. But the finest scientific conclusions will not absolve any human of their actual nature. They can, however, muse the mind of the observant mystic more than just about any other human endeavor.  


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