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Morning session

Another session of

July 18 2019


3am - wake up


Breath infusion 3:30 - 4:05am


Kundalini rose strong at these moments.

Meditation session 25 minutes.

Quite and peaceful.


I heard naad at the beginning of the session and remembered my dreams.

Still working on the stomach slam. It helped greatly with duties of the porcelain throne.


Attended mangala arotik

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  • When I was in ISKCON around 1980, a devotee could not do breath infusion, or he would be expelled from the community. It is interesting that you can do it before mangala artik.

    For that matter originally pujaries and attendees of such functions were required to do pranayama before approaching the deity or before doing gayatri mantras.

    Now the system is to take a physical bath and rattle some mantras and then go see the God. Pranayama is subtle bath but you have to be advanced to understand that.

    • Keep up the work "carnal"! laughing

      Thank you for setting an example.

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