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Glories to our Siddha Yoga Guru

Here is the data for the session

warm-up 16 min , Sit down meditation with mental mantra 15min. The time in between is the breath infusion. Refer to the photo in this post. 

Kundalini rose during the whole session. Warm-up and the infusion. Fractal visions were observed, but still no strong pronounced naad sound vibration. However at the end of the infusion, I could hear naad very very far away. Finally. 

I am still having a hard time breaking away from coffee though. I sometimes have it, and other times I skip it. Also here is a picture of my meal for today. Juice fast yay!

Om Namo Sivaya


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  • Coffee

    Coffee and being a yogi. That is a contradiction. Why the coffee? What is the need for it? What is it providing which plain coffee-less diet could not provide? Must be something great that the yogi gets from it which he cannot get from soberness.


    Too bad normal consciousness is so drab and does not have that coffee kick to it.


    Only the yogi can decide to forego it. Only the yogi can study his individual psyche and come to terms with the need for it. What can others, even a yogi-guru do? They are helpless because whatever the coffee supplies they are unable to provide. Coffee is king in this case.


    Fractal visions:


    Fractal visions are a sign of progress where the mind is shifting from its usual shenanigans. When you try to find naad when the fractals are showing, then firsts before you make the effort to find naad, find the position of the observing iSelf as to where it is located in reference to the fractals, as to the distance from the fractals, as to if it can shift to some other place or if it stays put. Please report on this.


    Once you make that notation, then sit still there at that place and slowly without a jumpy attitude move around the attention of the iSelf in a circle and see if it can contact naad. Report on what happens.

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