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Pranyama session 01/14/19

This morning during my pranayama session I was successful in raising kundalini three times into the (Anahata)heart charka region. 

These types of sessions are becoming more frequent during the last 2-3 months, especially once I made a slight adjustment in my practice that I read one night in Yoga inVision1 (pg. 7) 2nd paragraph Michael Beloved wrote “With willpower, mystically draw the energy upward into the two bottom chakras, then that combined power should be pulled into the 3rd chakra, which is behind the navel.  Then pull that into the 4th chakra. Yogis who are not proficient should visualize this.  By continued effort, they will develop the ability”. 

When I read this passage 2-3 months ago, it stop in dead in my tracks and I immediately marked the page and put the book down.  I recall my mind coming to a grinding halt and Naad blaring clear as day inside in my head as if I was surrounded.  I instinctively knew this was the missing piece from my practice, which have been doing now since July 2009.  However, it was the third arousal that may have taken me higher maybe Vishuddhi, or throat chakra.  Why am I unsure of where I went?  Well, let me tell you why. 

As I stood up to apply the locks from my final posture, I felt if I was lifted by a gust of air upwards in the night’s sky blindfolded.  For a split second, an image appeared of a body of a blindfolded person bound by wrists and ankles traveling up in a freight elevator.  In that moment, I realized that I completely lost track of my physical body which might have been for seconds at a time but feeling like minutes.  As I began regaining my sense of awareness, I realized that my physical body was on the ground, but how did it get there?  Wasn’t I standing up with locks applied just now?  

Now here is where this experience felt higher than usual, once I regained consciousness on the physical level, the body was sitting in lotus posture tucked in the corner with back pressed against the wall next to the washing machine sitting comfortably with a pulsating pain in the right buttock.  Yes, I said washing machine. LOL.  

If it’s one thing that have learned in my ten years of doing pranayama, don’t underestimate or under value any piece of information that you read regarding this practice and there’s no perfect place to practice. 

Hope this helps inspire other yogis that are aspiring for higher heights!



Good luck! 


Dean Archer 

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  • or a split second, an image appeared of a body of a blindfolded person bound by wrists and ankles traveling up in a freight elevator.


    Mi~Beloved’s Remark:


    So much for those yogis whose minds are saturated with images from big cities where trains and elevators abound, going up and down all day, all night long.

    A terrible point of reference for the mind as it tries to make head or tail of a transcendental experience.


    Anyway, this is a wonderful experience. It is interesting how the rise of kundalini caused the sheering away of this yogi from his identity reference so that he was lost for a time and did not know where or even who he was. It is also interesting how the settling of kundalini caused him to be reconnected to his identity reference.


    How does that happen? Why is kundalini in such position in the psyche to cause a person, even a yogi, to be sheered or cut off from his identity reference? Can that be fixed?


    This was a wonderful experience and considering this yogi was not born in India and only did this practice for about 9 years + now, this is a hallmark for him and for the process of breath infusion using bhastrika/kapalabhati pranayama.


    It is wonderful how kundalini assumed control of the body and put it into lotus posture without any directive from the iSelf, the observing person. How important is the iSelf in the upkeep of the body?

    • Amazing experience, great report!
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